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Camp On

  • Camp-on is a theme in which continuous campaigns are being run by the youth and which are completely based on their own ideas.
  • YES Foundation supports and facilitates resources for these campaigns.
  • YES Foundation gives full credits to the youth for their innovative thoughts.
  • The young people learn campaign designing, issue-based knowledge and how to procure resources for campaigns from this process.
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Safe Safar: Safar Mein Suraksha bhi, Samman bhi

Safe Safar has been working on promoting safe mode of public transport services for women and girls in the city of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh since 2011. This initiative is massively being supported by Local Public Transport stakeholders , government bodies, volunteers and the larger civil society to reclaim spaces for women and to create a sense of safety and equality in the city.

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Siti pe Siti

Siti Pe Siti or Whistle for whistle is an initiative started under the Safe-Safar program. Siti as a tool was used to give power, freedom and assertiveness as well as a tool to make public alert and subsequently aware as well. The objective of this campaign is to ensure smooth & safe mobility of women on daily basis. This initiative was supported by Stop Street Harassment, U.S.A. It was continuously covered by Red FM 93.5 for two weeks.

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This youth led digital campaign’s theme is, Raise your voice - VOICE UP.

Its main objective is to ensure active participation of youth for the on-ground and offline activities to put on online channels such as - Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube, Twitter including other social media for their long term effect.

This initiative had received the Changeloom with.In fellowship.

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Din Bhi Hamara Raat Bhi Hamari

YES Foundation continuously celebrating 16’ Day activism campaign in different modes. This year we organized 24 days campaign “DIN BHI HUMARA RAAT BHI HUMARI” with the objective of Raising awareness about gender based violence as a human rights issue. This campaign is constantly supported by Action Aid from the past three years. We reached 10 colleges and 1805 people through this campaign.

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Go-Pee is a campaign that works on women’s health and rights with the objective of advocating the need & maintenance of hygienic public urinals for women.

This campaign was supported by Tata Institute of Social Sciences.

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2nd Inning Internship

This initiative is an internship program for those who have crossed the threshold of 36 years where they can help young people in building a better society by sharing their abundance of experiences, insights and potential.

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Sparsh: Jagrukta ki or Ek Kadam, (Post Card Campaign)

This is a postcard campaign under Safe Safar, where we connect with youth to discuss how we can all together challenge and change the situations of gender based violence and celebrate the new year without eave teasing or any gender based discrimination.

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Samvidhan Live – The Jagrik Project

Owning my Samvidhan – A game with the young, by the young and for the young! The public initiative kicked off on 26th November, celebrating Constitution Day and culminates on Republic Day, 26th January, 2017. This is to provide information regarding the Constitution to maximum young people in an interesting manner. This initiative was started by CYC and supported by Oxfam and Misereor. It is being run in 14 states by 25 organizations.

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Samjho To Express

This is an initiative by CYC and its 20 forum partners to explore cross border friendships and engage young people on the issues of social inclusion in order to build vibrant eco-systems across India.
This campaign aims at cultivating cross border friendships through an experiential journey.

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My Space My unManifesto

The unManifesto Campaign seeks to engage young people in the political process beyond simply voting during elections. This campaign aims at young people to participate in nation building where youth write their demands on a prescribed format in which involvement of 22 colleges accumulated around 5000 demands as a whole and reached 12,000 youth. This is initiated by CYC and supported by UNFPA.

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Breaking Walls - Media Festivals

To take forward the 5th Space Films & the film ‘Beyond Boundaries’ and creates diverse platforms to facilitate dialogue and discussion to formulate an evolved and shared understanding on Youth Leadership, Youth Identity, Youth Livelihood & Discrimination.

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Common Action Day

To look beyond personal choices of Leisure & Entertainment and breaking walls of different kinds of social stereotypes like identity, gender, caste. class etc attached with this space.

To apply the principles of 5th space - foregrounds the NOW, hangout zone beyond borders, encouraging trust in a fun, joyful and transformational way.

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Bus! Stop Discrimination Right Now

Stop… discrimination right now is a campaign on wheels that calls on young people to engage, inspire and act on issues of social exclusion.
YES Foundation with the collaboration of PRAVAH, CYC and PACS is facilitated a campaign through bus on the issue of social inclusion which covered Lucknow as well as cities adjoining the same such as Kanpur, Sitapur, Faizabad etc.

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Must bol

Must Bol is a youth led campaign against GBV; It’s a call to young people to examine violence in their lives and speak out against it. To recognize it, to talk about it, and to address it. It is facilitated by the ComMutiny the Youth Collective.

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5th Space

A Space where a young person can learn to negotiate his or her multiple identities, build agreement, resolve conflicts amicably, and connect with and impact the larger world around them. A space that builds on the aspects of understanding the self, developing effective relationships and impacting society- all of which are so critical to youth.  5th space that makes the other four counts by nourishing and enriching our capacities of taking effective and responsible action.

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Ek Sath

The Ek Saath Campaign for Promoting Men’s Involvement for Changing Gender Social Norms is progressing across ten states in India. State level consultations have been planned and accordingly are being conducted in the states with the state network organization involving media persons, donors and other stakeholders in the consultations.

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Bano Nayi Soch

"Bano Nayi Soch campaign” aims to challenge and change the way existing social understanding and practices ensure that women and girls continue to face violence from „womb to tomb‟.
The main objective of this campaign is Creating an environment in which women get respect and there is no place for violence. A place there women get an equal opportunities discrimination free environment for once and forever and where we aware violence against women law, PWDV Act.

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