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Adolescent Friendly School & Education System

A study on “Adolescent Friendly School & Education System” and “The condition of upper primary education” had been done in 4 zones (Jalaun, Jaunpur, Muzzafar Nagar, Sitapur) out of which the study of Jalaun, Jaunpur and Muzzafar Nagar had been carried out and implemented. It is supported by UNICEF.

Reach & Approx. Budget

4 Districts, 400 children (school going and non-school going) 4 CBOs of respective district.

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Project Kissa Kahani is a project that uses multimedia approaches, storytelling, and innovative research techniques to promote gender equity & equality in the urban areas of Lucknow. Its goal is to raise youth voices to engender change in sexual reproductive health and empower future leaders and change makers in the region. We have worked in following two projects under project Kissa Kahani:
1) Men SRH – It aims to create a space for both young men and parents to have an open discussion on Education, Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) & Family Planning.This project was being run in urban slum of Daliganj area of Lucknow
2) E-Rickshaw Safe Safar – Its objective is to create a safer environment for women commuters on public transportation in Lucknow where we are working with the E-rickshaw drivers of the age of 17- 25 years on gender sensitization.
Key Points –As a part of Kissa Kahani project, YES Foundation has been selected in top 10 and we presented our work at B&MG Foundation.

Reach & Approx. Budget

200 direct & 2000 indirect

Supported By

Ops Asha & University of Chicago

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Twinkle –“Every child is born to shine”

Run creative learning center to ensure that children who have not been to school are brought up to a level where they are ready to join formal schools Using innovative learning practices (Informative, Creative & Subjective) to provide meaningful and realistic educational experiences for all children.
Region of Impact: Marginalized & Outskirt Areas Of Lucknow (Malpur) where deprived children of migrant and daily wages laborers are so far from their basic rights.
The focus of our approach is based on some pronged strategies involving intervention in education system;
- Classroom organization and management
- Child centered teaching Methodology
- Teacher support & supervision
- Community Involvement
It has been implemented through developing a core group of education trainers.

Reach & Approx. Budget

Approx 100 children of Malpur slum of Lucknow.

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This programme aims to build capacities and leadership skills within the youth of 2 colleges and 2 communities so that they are able in decision making and negotiation within their families as well as develop an understanding on early Child Marriage issue.

Reach & Approx. Budget

300 youth facilitator, 35 youth leaders.

Supported By

Pravah and the American Jewish Welfare Society (AJWS) from last 3 years.

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Changelooms with.in

Changelooms with.in is a national fellowship program for young people which nurtures their innovative ideas and enhances their leadership qualities. YES Foundation led this fellowship program in Uttar Pradesh with the collaboration of Pravah, CYC and PACS where 21 young fellows from the whole state of Uttar Pradesh have been selected who are working on different issues like child rights, education and Social inclusion.

Reach & Approx. Budget

2000 direct
10000 indirect

Supported By

Pravah & PACS

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Know Your Body Know Your Rights

KYBKR program is being run with the collaboration of TYP Foundation to address the multiple and complex challenges of reproductive and sexual health intervention amongst young people. The project started in two cycles; 2014 & 2016, where 8 underprivileged Communities have been identified in Lucknow uptill now. They are as follows:-Nishatganj, Daliganj, Mahanagar & Akbarnagar (2014) and Daliganj, Mankameshwer, Hussainabad & Sugamau (2016).

Reach & Approx. Budget

600 direct
12000 indirect
10 urban communities

Supported By

The YP Foundation

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Safe Safar

Safe Safar’s objective is to ensure harassment free environment for women/girls in public transport. Gender sensitizing the public transport drivers such as auto drivers, bus drivers by way of training so that they can raise their voice against women harassment. It is a program for ensuring women safety and street sexual harassment in public transport of Lucknow. There are 3 target audience namely auto-rickshaw drivers, women commuters and youth. We sensitize the drivers regarding street sexual harassment and GBV and motivate them.

Reach & Approx. Budget

5000 auto/e-rickshaw/bus drivers & traffic police trained
Social Media Outreach – Approx. 100000 in 6 years
Print Media Outreach – Approx. 6 lakh in 6 years
10 National/International articles & short films

Supported By

Various Organizations & Individuals

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Gram Panchayat Development Plan (GPDP)

The objective of GPDP project is to train District Resource Groups of 4 districts - Kasganj, Mathura, Mainpuri and Aligarh falling under Agra and Aligarh mandals in order to strengthen the Gram Panchayat in these districts.

Reach & Approx. Budget

4 districts under 2 mandals

Supported By

Panchayati Raj Institution & UNICEF

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My Space My unManifesto

The unManifesto Campaign seeks to engage young people in the political process beyond simply voting during elections. This campaign aims at young people to participate in nation building where youth write their demands on a prescribed format.

Reach & Approx. Budget

22 colleges accumulated around 5000 demands as a whole and reached 12,000 youth.

Supported By

CYC and supported by UNFPA.

Green Trousers


In order to address the gaps in the existing NSS programme and change the approach from a youth for development one to youth centric development approach, which takes NSS volunteers on a journey from self to society.

Reach & Approx. Budget

4 colleges/universities, 4 programme officers, 16 office bearers, 500 youth engagement, 8 social action projects

Supported By

Pravah & UNFPA

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Owning my Samvidhan – A game with the young, by the young and for the young!
The public initiative kicked off on 26th November, celebrating Constitution Day and culminates on Republic Day, 26th January, 2017. This is to provide information regarding the Constitution to maximum young people in an interesting manner.

Reach & Approx. Budget

40 young pairs, 68 tasks
Two youth participants along with an anchor represented Uttar Pradesh and the organization in Loksabha TV.
It is being run in 14 states by 25 organizations from 2016.

Supported By

ComMutiny the Youth Collective, Miserior & Oxfam India